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Welcome to my site for touring and recreational kayak Paddles. The drawing on the right shows the construction feature that makes these low-cost paddles so light. By removing excess weight from the paddle blade I've not only made the paddle lighter overall but greatly decreased its moment of inertia, or "swing weight". If you're interested in basic performance, the ability to move your boat efficiently with minimum strain and fatigue, these Paddles will outperform nearly all paddles of similar or greater weight. (See the first entry on my Endorsement page.) This is done by making the structure more efficient, not by using exotic and costly materials, so the cost/weight ratio is about half industry standard.

My Information page will show you how these aluminum kayak paddles with ABS plastic blades are made. The photos and captions on the left take you to the different models. The T-1 and T-2 offer different blade sizes for touring and recreational paddling.

Shipping and Payment. Shipping is by USPS Priority Mail. Use the address, PO Box or street address, where you ususally receive mail. Delivery from my shop in California to East Coast US is usually three days and costs about $15 for a standard 230cm paddle or $24 for two. The shopping cart will give you exact shipping cost before you submit your order. Payment is by PayPal. You can also pay by Credit Card through the PayPal portal even if you don't have a PayPal account. I also accept checks and money orders and take orders by phone at 530 554 1859, Pacific Time Zone.

Marc Finklestein Greenland Photo

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T-1 Paddle
T-1 Kayak Paddle, 29 oz., 230 cm, $113.00
T-1 Custom Length Kayak Paddle,$121.00
T-2 Paddle
T-2 Kayak Paddle, 31 oz., 230 cm, $116.00
T-2 Custom Length Kayak Paddle,$124.00
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